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Category: index

Using the Mysql FullText Index Search

Today let’s talk about a resource very useful on MySQL, the FullText Index and Search This resource is very powerful, today on versions 5.5 is just available to MyISAM engine, but, like we can see on MySQL FullText documentation, it will be available also to InnoDB on MySQL 5.6 Usually when we want to search for a word or expression, we use LIKE ‘%word%’, in case we are looking for more than one word we use LIKE ‘%word1%word2%’, what many people don’t know is for this kind of search is expensive and not optimized to our MySQL, in this cases we solve our problems with FullText Index the syntax is easy, MATHC() … AGAINST (), where MATCH we specified the name(s) of column(s) which we are looking for, yes, we . . .

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