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Category: MySQL 101

How to drop a column in mysql table

In this 101 article, I will show how to drop/remove a column from a table in MySQL. In this article I will use an example table: CREATE TABLE tb( c1 INT PRIMARY KEY, c2 char(1), c3 varchar(2) ) ENGINE=InnoDB; To remove a column we will make use of ALTER TABLE command: ALTER TABLE tb DROP COLUMN c2; The command allows you to remove multiple columns at once: ALTER TABLE tb DROP COLUMN c2, DROP COLUMN c3; If you are running MySQL 5.6 onwards, you can make this operation online, allowing other sessions to read and write to your table while the operation is been performed: ALTER TABLE tb DROP COLUMN c2, ALGORITHM=INPLACE, LOCK=NONE; Reference: Liked? Help and Share!

Liked? Help and Share!