Got a packet bigger than ‘slave_max_allowed_packet’ bytes and binlog_format = STATEMENT | MIXED

Got a packet bigger than ‘slave_max_allowed_packet’ bytes and binlog_format=STATEMENT|MIXED

Since version 5.1.64 MySQL introduces a new variable named slave_max_allowed_packet, which was introduced to allow large updates using row-based replication do not cause replication to fail when exceeded max_allowed_packet.

The problem is if you have you replication using binlog_format=STATEMENT or binlog_format=MIXED it ignores this option and use as limit for queries what is on max_allowed_packet variable but still reporting on slave_max_allowed_packet causing the IO_THREAD to report the wrong message.

Run the follow query on master:

master> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'binlog_format';

If it return STATEMENT or MIXED, you need to change the value for max_allowed_packet, a good option if possible is to have this variable equally configured on master and slave.

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