MySQL Multi Source Replication

Last week, durring MySQL Connect, MySQL 5.7.2 DMR was launched, one of the new functionality is the multi source replication. At the moment, MySQL can have only one master per slave (you can archive multi source replication via some hacks, but like the name says, it’s a hack).

See how to configure here

To clarify, there is a difference between multi-master replication and multi source replication, see the bellow pictures to understand the difference:

MySQL Multi Master Replication

MySQL Multi Master Replication

Multi Master Replication – In the above picture, we have 2 master’s and 1 slave, where, master 1 is master of master 2, master 2 is master of master 1 and also of slave, in order to slave receive updates from master 1, all this updates must past to master 2 to later one be replied to slave.
MySQL Multi Source Replication

MySQL Multi Source Replication

Multi Source Replication – In the above picture, we have 2 master’s and 1 slave, master 1 is only master of slave, and master 2 is only master of slave. The slave receive updates from both master’s directly.

In the next post, I’ll explain how to configure 1 slave and 2 masters in multi source replication.
The test version can be downloades via, go there, download and try for yourself.
Remember, this is a test version, so, don’t use in production !!!

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  1. Marcello how to configure masters to master (4 master to 1 master) replication in MySql. The Multi master replication is for 2 Master and 1 Slave.

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